Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is the number one student city. Students and recent graduates experience a difficulties in finding a suitable place to live. The project OurDomain Amsterdam South East offers them a solution. The contractor Blauwhoed is constructing 1,500 high-quality new-build studios and apartments of which 950 will be made available for students. 

Project Requirements

Holendrecht Centre was the largest vacant office building in Amsterdam. The transformation of this building into a campus area with apartments and other facilities is a fantastic add-on to the current office and industrial estate Amstel III.

In the coming years, this mono-functional area will be transformed into a modern urban neighbourhood. All three complexes will be constructed in rapid succession. One special detail of this major project is the exterior facade. It will be produced separately in a factory in Germany. A combination of classic and modern construction methods has been chosen.

Sika Solutions

Due to a long-term partnership and confidence in the products, the applicator Seal Force BV has chosen a complete range of Sika products for this large-scale project.

  • SikaHyflex®-250 Facade was used for sealing the building envelope to provide optimal watertightness in highrise constructions due to its high and lasting movement capabilities.
  • Sika Boom® Control and SikaBond®-TF plus N for bonding the membranes provide airtightness around the facade elements.
  • Sikasil® C was used to seal all bathrooms and sanitary joints and Sika provided Sika Boom®-400 Fire for various passive fire protection applications to create compartmentation.

Products Used

SikaHyflex®-250 Facade
Sika Boom® Control
SikaBond®-TF plus N
Sikasil® C
Sika Boom®-400 Fire

Project Participants


Project Developer

OZ (urban planning & architect) and Karres and Brands (landscape architect)

Main Contractor
Bouwcombinatie Holendrecht (VolkerWessels construction companies)

Seal Force BV

Municipality of Amsterdam

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